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About Property Service Group

Exceptional Standards - Proven Results

Our Promise to You

We respect our customers

We arrive on time, explain what we are going to do before we start, do what we say we will do, and leave your home better than we found it.

We respect your time

If there is an unavoidable schedule change, our office staff will inform you in advance so you can plan accordingly.

We listen

From start to finish, your questions and concerns will be addressed directly in language you can easily understand.

We are considerate

Our conscientious technicians take steps to protect your property and your neighbors’ property from construction activities.

We are reliable

Your project is done correctly the first time, within budget, and with guaranteed quality workmanship. Our standard warranty is 12 months on craftsmanship from the completion date.

Our Purpose

In an industry where service standards may vary unpredictably from one company to the next, PSG is dedicated to consistently providing the highest level of communication, craftsmanship, and individual attention you have ever experienced working with a home remodeling or home improvement contractor.

We like to think of ourselves as a welcome alternative to the impersonal “big box” contractor franchises or “fly-by-night” outfits .

For more than 30 years, we have worked diligently to develop project management systems, retain top notch staff, and raise professional standards to ensure a “no regrets” customer experience and exceptional, lasting results.

Thomas L. Ryder

Operations Manager

Tom is a carpenter who oversees jobs in progress and spends a fair part of his day troubleshooting. He is also responsible for research, pricing, and materials purchasing for upcoming jobs. He enjoys going to work each day because the jobs are always changing. There’s always something new and a little different happening that keeps it interesting.

Before joining the team at PSG, Tom spent over 30 years as sole proprietor of a handyman services business that produced many satisfied customers. He also spent 25 years in kitchen cabinetry sales, estimates, and installation. Of his many years working as a carpenter, Tom says he honed his craft by learning from his mistakes. But the most important lesson he’s learned is to treat people with respect.

Aileen Plotnicki

Operations Administrator

Aileen is the main point of contact between clients, PSG technicians, and subcontractors–and she works closely with PSG Vice President Jason Cubbage. Her contributions to the team range from managing the daily schedule, communicating with clients, invoicing, updating service agreements and staying on top of the many tasks necessary to keep the office running smoothly to support technicians in the field.

What she enjoys most on a day to day basis is working with a great team and great clients. Before taking her position at PSG, Aileen worked with adults and children with disabilities. She has earned business college certifications and is a notary public.

Jason Cubbage

Vice President of Operations

Every morning, Jason makes sure his technicians receive their work orders and have the materials and instructions they need to complete their tasks for the day. He meets daily with the office staff to discuss job status, with technicians to evaluate performance, and with subcontractors to review proposal guidelines and coordinate schedules. He also does project cost estimating and writes proposals for new work.

Since problem-solving comes naturally to him, Jason looks forward to the new challenges that arise each day on the job. He says that one of the most valuable lessons he’s learned over the years is that keeping accurate records and detailed photos is worth a million bucks.

Before taking his position with PSG, Jason spent many years working on historic restoration projects in Washington DC to preserve historic storefronts. He has acquired professional certification in carpet cleaning and water damage restoration at Interlink Supply, and is certified by the EPA in lead paint removal.

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