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Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance & Repair

For condominium associations, HOAs, office complexes, and commercial businesses, building maintenance, repairs, and emergency services are an ongoing necessity.

We understand that an issue in one of your buildings may affect multiple unit owners or tenants. A system failure could pose a safety hazard or cause revenue loss due to downtime. That’s why we take a proactive approach to maintaining your buildings. By scheduling preventive diagnostics and troubleshooting, along with routine building maintenance, we can stay on top of your ongoing service needs and prevent costly emergency calls.

As we become familiar with your facility, our technicians can diagnose issues and recommend solutions to address your concerns. We partner with many facility managers, owners, and tenants as well as experienced professionals in various trades to create and implement a plan of action to resolve each issue or concern.

When you choose PSG as your building maintenance partner, you have only one company to call for all your basic needs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electric, and other recurring facility maintenance tasks.

We are ready to clear your building maintenance and repair checklist to keep your building safe and functioning smoothly for your tenants and their visitors. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Drywall Repair & Painting

While our most frequently requested drywall service calls focus on repairs to settlement cracks, dents, and damage to walls from everyday use, we also provide:

  • Drywall hanging and finishing services for office or common area build outs
  • Touch ups to common use areas, hallways, entry ways, elevator entrances
  • Scheduled painting cycles for the most heavily trafficked areas of your building exterior and interior

General Carpentry

Although our skilled technicians are capable of enhancing or upgrading commercial interiors with detailed craftsmanship, we find that the biggest need among our commercial customers is for keeping up with everyday necessities and smaller projects:

  • Office build outs for new tenants or to accommodate growth
  • Adjustments to doors and panic hardware
  • Replace or repair exterior trim details


Our plumbing services focus on a range of necessities:

  • Video inspection of sanitary sewer lines
  • Snaking clogged drains
  • Exterior hose bib replace/repair
  • Water supply line repairs
  • Toilet replace/repair
  • Faucets replace/repair


It’s always those relatively small inconveniences that seem to take forever to get fixed and really detract from the tenant experience in your building. Here are just a few of the annoyance issues we can take care of quickly:

  • Correct malfunctioning parking garage doors
  • Change light bulbs interior and exterior
  • Check solar sensors on the exterior
  • Maintain emergency lighting and signage

Roof & Exterior Repair

For building owners and tenants, water intrusion is one of the most distracting and stress inducing issues. We perform a range of preventive tasks and are always ready to jump on an active leak situation and put a stop to it.

  • Diagnose water intrusion
  • Repair or replace storm-damaged awnings
  • Repair and seal faulty skylights
  • Inspect and clean debris from flat roofs
  • Inspect and clear gutters and downspouts
  • Replace storm damaged asphalt shingles
  • Caulk and weather-seal windows


As buildings age and structures settle, water eventually finds a way in. Here are a few of the preventive and restorative services we offer:

  • Trace parking garage leaks traveling from one level to another
  • Repair deteriorated concrete balconies to prevent dripping on the balcony below
  • Seal roof penetration points: plumbing stacks, exhaust vents, and utility units
  • Install rubber membrane to waterproof exterior of below-grade units or offices

Exterior Amenities Maintenance & Replacements

Sunlight, wind, mildew producing moisture, freeze/thaw cycles–all take a toll on building exteriors and outdoor structures. We offer a range of exterior maintenance services to keep your building and grounds looking their best at all times:

  • Sign upgrades and replacements (entry signs for communities)
  • Trellises and gazebos
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Repaint light poles
  • Fence replacements and repairs.
  • Repairs to sprinkler rooms and fire alarm rooms
  • Power washing exterior walls

Let’s talk about how preventive maintenance can reduce the need for costly repairs