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Home Improvement

Interior/exterior maintenance & repair for your home

Home Improvement & Repairs Made Easy

Most people don’t think about it until it becomes a problem. That is, the interior and exterior maintenance of their home. They may see a problem developing but decide to put up with it because they’d rather not spend the money until they have to. Unfortunately, procrastination can result in higher home maintenance costs in the long run.

We say, don’t wait until a developing problem becomes a real problem that threatens the comfort and security of your family or compromises your home investment. We believe preventive maintenance is the key to staying on track with your property upkeep and saving money over the long term.

Carpentry – Drywall – Painting

Our skilled craftsmen are ready to enhance or upgrade interiors with detailed craftsmanship that will beautify your home while making it more functional:

  • Install cabinetry, windows, and doors
  • Create custom shelving, bookcases, and built-ins
  • Replace interior doors with custom style upgrades
  • Add crown molding to add character to a family room or dining room

We also take on common home improvements and repairs that, although less glamorous, make people feel extremely happy to have completed:

Textured ceilings

Scrape texture off and skim coat with drywall compound, sand to a smooth surface and paint.

Exterior wood rot

Replace rotten wood in window sills, door jambs and thresholds.Replace fascia board and siding on dormers.

Storm damage

Replace and reconstruct exterior elements of your home such as roofing, trim, siding, and windows that have been damaged by extreme weather

Water damage

Thoroughly clean, disinfect, deodorize, dry, and restore your
home interiors or condo back to its original condition before the mishap.

Our home improvement specialists are happy to assist you with projects large and small–from constructing room partitions to patching the spot where a door knob hit the wall.

Doors – Windows – Siding

The exterior of your home, no matter how well built, is going to be affected by the
elements–and over time, maintenance issues will develop. Sometimes the issue
is small and can be resolved with a simple repair, in other cases it’s best to
update older parts of the home with higher quality materials.

Our home improvement specialists will evaluate the extent of an issue to determine whether a repair or replacement is advisable. Then it is up to the homeowner to decide what they feel will be the best outcome for the investment.

Some of the exterior items we troubleshoot are:


If a door is not closing properly, it may need an adjustment or new hardware. Most of the time, we find issues with exterior doors or garage doors because they are exposed to the elements. Sometimes the issue is temporary and will resolve itself. For example, a change of season/humidity may temporarily prevent a door from closing with a tight seal due.


Windows and doors may not close as tightly as when they were new and permit air leaks. Broken seals between panes on double pane windows may cause fogging. It may be time to upgrade to more energy efficient exterior cladding.


As vinyl siding ages, we see it begin to loosen or buckle.
Sometimes vinyl gets brittle from exposure to UV radiation. A south facing wall
with little or no shade will age faster. When this happens, we might consider
upgrading to a better quality material and changing color.

Deck Repair, Maintenance & Pressure Washing

Our routine maintenance services for decks include water sealing, staining, and painting. As part of that service, we typically replace deck boards that have splintered from too much sun exposure. And we use pressure washing to remove algae or mildew to get a clean surface for repairs and resealing.

You can ask us to add a staircase down to the yard if your existing deck does not have one, or add lattice work below.

Fence Installations & Repair

We install and repair all types of fences: picket fences, board on board fencing,
aluminum, chain link, and vinyl. When a fence has reached its life expectancy,
it makes more sense to replace rather than repair. We’ll always lay out your
options so you can make an informed decision.

Whatever the project may be, one of our home improvement specialists can visit your home, assess your needs, and help you outline a plan of action. We ask a lot of questions during those home visits so that we have the information we need to write an accurate estimate should you decide to check some of those repair and maintenance items off your list. We’ll also give you an informed opinion about the urgency of maintenance or repair items to help you prioritize.

When you work with PSG, we do everything we can to make the process easy for you. We will coordinate all project activities and scheduling while keeping you informed for the duration of the project.

Schedule your home improvement & repairs consultation today