Water Damage Restoration | Property Services Group
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Water Damage Restoration

24 Hour Emergency Repair Service - Residential & Commercial

Call Now for 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service: 703-644-7744

When water is dripping from your ceiling or flooding your basement, stopping it is an immediate imperative. PSG technicians are prepared to respond rapidly when emergencies occur in your home or place of business. We understand that the sooner we are able to get control of the situation, the better we will be able to limit damage to your home and belongings.

We understand that a homeowner may be confused by the situation and in a state of high anxiety. Naturally, you want to know what happened and how much it’s going to cost to repair, but most of all you want to be assured that we’ve taken control of the situation and neutralized it.

Our technicians will address all your concerns. When work starts, we’ll explain the process, the placement of carpet fans and dehumidifiers, how long it may take and why. We can’t change what happened but we know we can help reduce stress by letting you know what’s ahead.

Customers sometimes express concerns about the chemicals contained in the disinfectants used to suppress mold growth: could they be harmful to kids or pets? We print out a spec sheet that shows the safety specifications for products that we use in your home or place of business.

Water Damage Restoration

Flooding and water damage may occur due to internal causes such as an appliance overflow, a burst pipe, or sewer backup. Water damage can come from external causes such as extreme rain/wind events, foundation leaks, roof leaks, or unit to unit leaks in a condominium.

When our specialists arrive on the scene they quickly go through procedures to stabilize the situation and limit further damage to your property. Here are the steps we go through:

  1. Inspection. Determine source of leak and stop it if it is still active.
  2. Documentation. Take photos to document placement of furniture and furnishings and to document water damaged materials.
  3. Water extraction. Use high speed equipment to remove standing water and dry out soaked upholstery.
  4. Deconstruction. Pull up flooring, cut drywall two feet up from the floor, and remove insulation
  5. Cleaning. Thoroughly clean, disinfect, and deodorize the area
  6. Moisture removal. Use dehumidification equipment to take moisture out of the air and from areas hidden from view such as behind walls or inside HVAC ducts. We continually take moisture readings during the drying process to ensure that room humidity levels return to normal before we begin repairs and closing in walls.

Storm Damage Repairs

Extreme weather can seriously damage your roof, siding, fencing, or a detached garage in a surprisingly short time. Summer heat may spin up severe thunderstorms with hail and high winds that dent or puncture roof shingles and siding. The late winter melt and refreezing cycles may cause ice dams that cause water to percolate upward underneath your roof singles and leak into your home.

Our technicians take immediate steps to protect your property and minimize further damage until bad weather clears and we can get in to begin storm damage assessment and repairs.

Fire Watch Services for Businesses

When you need emergency firewatch services, our specialists are ready to assist. If freezing temperatures cause a sprinkler supply line to freeze and burst–the entire system would have to be shut down leaving your building without protection. A glitch in the data monitoring system might cause the fire protection system to malfunction and have to be taken offline.

Our trained professionals are prepared to monitor conditions on your site until your safety systems are back up and running.

Call Now for 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service: 703-644-7744